Office Locations

San Jose

1930 Camden Ave Suite 2B
San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: 1-650-704-5111


Once at street address, how to find exact San Jose office location

From Camden Avenue, you will see two very similar single-story office buildings. I am at the far end of the one to the south but you have to enter my suite through the back of the building from the parking area. From Camden Avenue, turn in between the two buildings and drive to the back of the parking area (shown on photograph above). Turn left and drive all the way along to the end of the back of the second building (street address 1930 Camden Avenue) and park. As you face the back of the building, you will see two doorways. My suite – #2B – is located inside the doorway to the left, adjacent to a series of mailboxes on the outside wall.

Palo Alto

935 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto,CA 94301
Phone: 1-650-704-5111


Once at street address, how to find exact Palo Alto office location

935 Middlefield Road looks from the street as if it may be someone’s private residential home. However, it is a series of mental health professionals’ offices and you will know because there is a handicap ramp leading up to the front door. My office is located in a small garden cottage behind the main house. Walk to the back of the property through the driveway to the right of the property. The cottage is pale blue/gray in color and my name plate is on the side of the building. The entrance is through an unlocked, white door around to the left. Please park on the street as parking is limited in the rear and is reserved for those who live or work there.