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How EMDR Therapy Can Help You Put Trauma in Its Proper Place, the Past!

A lot of clients come to me specifically requesting Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, and this has become even more the case as EMDR has gained global recognition, support, and use over the past three decades thanks to its proven effectiveness at helping people overcome trauma and PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, relationship issues, addictive behaviors, and low self-esteem.

How Does EMDR Work?

When traumatic or otherwise deeply disturbing memories are left unresolved, they retain their power.

EMDR therapy allows you to experience troubling thoughts or memories without having a strong negative emotional response to them.


Unlike with more traditional “top down” approaches to therapy in which therapists try to help you change the way you feel by first changing the way you think, EMDR is a “bottom up” approach in which you will be able to resolve troubling memories and their associated emotions while simultaneously experiencing some form of bilateral stimulation: typically rapid, rhythmic eye movements, tapping or auditory tones.

Bilateral stimulation reduces the power of difficult feelings and memories, allowing you to re-experience and redefine your past and accelerate the healing process.

Best of all, the results are thorough and permanent!

A memory that used to produce a lot of pain, fear, or other negative thoughts and emotions becomes simply “just a memory,” allowing you to say something like: “Well, that was a long time ago in my past. I am over it now.”

Even better, we do not need to work on every single negative event you ever experienced for you to receive complete healing. Let me explain …

Many of my clients have a history of on-going abuse. That would be considered one “theme” to be addressed in our work together. In that case, I will ask you to identify either one particularly bad memory that stands out to you within that theme or describe what would have been typical. And if by any chance you do not recall any one event very well, I will ask you to simply describe what you believe probably happened based on what you do recall, and you will still receive both healing and complete resolution.

Can EMDR Therapy Be Done Online?

A lot of people have asked me whether EMDR treatment can be done using telehealth and my unequivocal answer is yes, absolutely!

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many therapists were skeptical about doing EMDR online. However, over the course of the past few years, online EMDR therapy has become routine for many clients and EMDR therapists alike.

What’s more, research is finally beginning to support what EMDR therapists like myself have witnessed firsthand, namely that online EMDR therapy is every bit as effective as when it is done in person.

For more information about online EMDR therapy, please contact me and I’ll be happy to explain how it works. Indeed, I am finding more and more of my clients these days actually prefer the convenience of working with me from the comfort and privacy of their own homes and offices.

Can EMDR Therapy Help You?

EMDR is widely recognized as one of the safest, most efficient and effective trauma treatments available.

And since the time that EMDR was originally developed at the end of the 1980s by Dr. Francine Shapiro, there have been a number of exciting new advances in applying EMDR to help address an even wider range of life challenges, including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Having been trained in and using EMDR with clients since 2005, I have found it is extremely rare that EMDR is not effective. It is for this reason that I use EMDR with the majority of my clients.

So, if you’ve been in therapy before but have never really achieved the results you desired …

Or if you are finally ready to “deal with all of the junk” from your past, so you can enjoy the present and move forward into the future with confidence and optimism …

EMDR therapy can help you “rewire” your brain so you can (re)-engage with the present, and move forward to “phase two” of your healing journey, in which you will finally be able to work towards your relationship and life goals, unencumbered by the “baggage” that has been weighing you down and holding you back.

To learn more about how online EMDR therapy can help you, I encourage you to contact me, today, and schedule a free, 20-minute initial phone consultation. I can be reached by phone at 650-680-7124 or by email at I look forward to speaking with you and helping you finally put traumatic experiences in their proper place … the past!

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