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Put an End to the Constant Worry and Fear, Reclaim a Sense of Control, and Start Moving Forward Again with Confidence and Optimism

Online Therapy for Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder Treatment in Palo Alto, CAIf you’re suffering from panic attacks and all of the heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea and other physical symptoms that come with them, I know how debilitating it can be.

Recurring anxiety and panic attacks can make us feel like we’re losing control over our lives. We withdraw from the people and things that once brought us joy, as we try to do whatever we can to avoid anything that might lead to yet another attack.

Of course, living in fear, constantly worrying about when and where the next panic attack will occur – especially when it seems like they come “out of the blue” – only adds to our overall sense of anxiety and helplessness and increases the likelihood of another attack.

What can you do?

You’ve probably tried just about everything you can think of – taking long walks, exercise, meditation – but nothing seems to help … at least not for long. And trying to minimize the anxiety with alcohol or drugs only makes things worse.

The first thing you need to know is that, as lonely as you may feel, you’re far from alone.

Many people experience panic attacks once or twice during their lives, but around 3% of the adult population in the U.S. suffers from severe and recurring panic attacks or panic disorder. That’s over 7.5 million people.

Fortunately, help is available!

While it may feel like there’s little to nothing you can do to regain a sense of control over your life, panic attacks and panic disorder are treatable conditions. And the sooner you seek professional help and the treatment you need and deserve, the sooner you’ll be able to start moving forward again in your relationships and your life with confidence and optimism.

How Counseling & Therapy Can Help You Move Beyond Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder

If you’ve experienced one or more periods of lightheadedness, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pains, or heart palpitations, you should definitely schedule a physical examination with your doctor.

However, if your doctor and you have ruled out any possible physical causes for the symptoms you’ve experienced, you’ve suffered repeated attacks, and you’re constantly worrying about when the next attack may come, it’s time to get help!

While self-help techniques and medications can have their place, there are basically two types of counseling and psychotherapy that have been shown to be particularly effective in treating panic attacks and panic disorder … techniques I refer to as “top down” and “bottom up” approaches to counseling and therapy.

The theory underlying “top down” approaches – such as psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy – is that by changing your thoughts, those cognitive changes then filter down to change your feelings and emotions.

While these types of “top down” approaches to panic treatment can be helpful and I use them from time to time with clients, I’ve found “bottom up” approaches – techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT) – to often be faster and more effective in helping clients cope with and overcome panic attacks.

For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that there isn’t any danger and to live in the reality of the present.

“Bottom up” approaches to counseling and psychotherapy allow you to work and heal at the physical level, as well as at the level of your unconscious mind, which is the key to not only coping with and overcoming anxiety, fear, and panic, but also resolving any traumatic experiences that often lie at their heart.

In other words, “bottom up” approaches to counseling and therapy can help you not only overcome panic attacks, but also eliminate their underlying causes and provide the LASTING relief you desire and deserve.

Can a “Bottom Up” Approach to Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder Treatment Really Help?

I’ve used EMDR with hundreds of clients over the past couple of decades, and it has been rare that EMDR has not proved incredibly effective at helping overcome both anxiety and panic attacks.

But more than this, I can also help you experience immediate relief through a process known as Image Transformation Therapy.

While EMDR is typically much faster and more effective than other forms of panic disorder treatment, Image Transformation Therapy can help you “dump out” very powerful, negative emotions (anxiety, panic, and fear) and feel a whole lot better in just a small handful of sessions!

I know that may sound too good to be true. I have felt that way myself sometimes, and am still amazed by how well it works. However, I have been using Image Transformation Therapy with my clients for over seven years, and it typically does work that quickly and efficiently.

But don’t take my word for it. Just work with me for two or three sessions and decide for yourself.

Of course, none of this is to say that all of your problems will be solved after just two or three sessions.

Creating positive, lasting change is rarely easy, and overcoming panic attacks and panic disorder will require your time, energy, and commitment.

However, you can feel a WHOLE LOT better … and quickly!

And once we’ve alleviated the worst symptoms you’re struggling with – those things that are really causing some sort of crisis that is preventing you from functioning – you may then choose to transition into understanding, working through, and resolving the underlying issues that have been driving these challenges in your life and keeping you from creating the rewarding relationships and life you desire.

While prescription medications and self-help techniques definitely have their benefits, “bottom up” approaches to counseling and therapy can help you completely and permanently resolve your panic attacks so you can move forward in life with confidence and optimism.

There’s no need to keep struggling. You CAN learn to regain a sense of safety, move beyond panic, and find your way out of the morass of suffering.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients do just this, and I can help you, too.

If you’re ready to put an end to constantly worrisome thoughts, overcome your fears, regain the sense of balance and control, and feel more hopeful than you’ve felt in a very long time, I encourage you to contact me today, while you’re thinking about it, and schedule a free, 20-minute initial phone consultation. I can be reached by phone at 650-680-7124 or by email at I look forward to speaking with you and helping in any way I can!

Online Counseling & Therapy for Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder Treatment in Palo Alto, California – G. Claire Roberts, LCSW

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