Stress Management

California clients wishing to seek my services for telehealth sessions only may contact me by phone (650-680-7124) or email ( to set up appointments.

In our busy world today, and especially in Silicon Valley, life has become extremely stressful. Competition to gain and maintain good jobs for adults and places at colleges and universities for children has increased and at the same time so have the many possibilities for spending our leisure time. In addition, in many families both parents are working and the quality of family and neighborhood ties have often been weakened as a result so there is less support. Using the same basic bilateral stimulation that is used in traditional EMDR trauma treatment, (it induces a very deep emotional state equivalent to hypnosis), come learn how this same amazing tool can also be used to help you learn to relax and feel safer in your own body, more connected and supported by others, and create a positive vision of the life you would like for yourself.

To learn more about how the stress management services I provide can help you, I encourage you to contact me today, while you’re thinking about it, and schedule a free initial consultation. I can be reached by phone at 650-680-7124 or by email at I look forward to speaking with you and helping in any way I can!

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